Mobile Petrol

  • Security patrols for as little as $12.50 per visit.
  • Mobile security visit includes; perimeter walks, exterior building patrol with 'door lock check'.
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Uniformed Security Guard

  • Foot patrols outfitted in clearly marked uniforms.
  • Scorpio creates visual security coverage tailored to your needs
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Alarm Response Patrols

  • Mobile response is key to backing up your existing alarm system.
  • We will arrange to work with
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Property damage & vandalism problems?

Scorpio Security will protect your industrial & commercial properties, construction sites, retail stores, warehouse facilities or special events.

Are criminals vandalizing and damaging

  • Customer First - Protection Patrols'- your solution with Scorpio Security.
  • Stop Property Crime from happening to your business or property.
  • Protect Your Investment.

Why choose us?

  • 15 years of security experience in your neighborhood.
  • Trained guards provide you with 'piece of mind' property security.

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